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As you will have read on this blog and other sites, the Western Shugden Society has issued a challenge to Robert Thurman to provide evidence that Shugden practitioners are the Taliban of Buddhism and that the Western Shugden Society protestors are ‘working for the Chinese’.

Someone has started a blog to publicize this challenge and to give more information on how Thurman fully supports the Dalai Lama’s harmful agenda of mixing religion and politics.

Visit the Robert Thurman blog for more information.


7 thoughts on “Visit the Robert Thurman Blog

  1. You aren’t a little slanted on the site are you? The Dalai Lama IS the reincarnation of the ultimate God of Compassion. Robert Thurman is one of the wisest men I have ever known. Shame on you. This has to be written by someone from China.

  2. Dear Debra, thanks for visiting!

    It is your belief that the Dalai Lama is the incarnation of the Buddha of compassion, but his actions show otherwise. He’s causing a lot of suffering to many Buddhists – how is that compatible with compassion?

    Robert Thurman, whilst very learned in Buddhist scriptures, has made indefensible statements against Shugden practitioners in his support of the Dalai Lama, again causing a lot of disharmony and suffering.

    How are these the actions of wise people?

    I’m from England, not China. You are showing the common trait of followers of the Dalai Lama to accuse anyone who criticizes him to be Chinese, which is not the case. There are many people who are critical of the Dalai Lama who are not Chinese – I know people from the USA, Germany, France, Spain, Sweden UK, Mexico, Switzerland, Holland, Brazil and almost every country of this world who disagree with what the Dalai Lama is doing in mixing religion and politics and we all believe that he is destroying Buddha’s teachings in this world and must be stopped by peaceful means.

  3. One thing is for certain, and that is the Tibetans up on the hillside of Dharamasala are ‘Dumber than a bag full of Hammers”.
    Bob Thurman hold the the same rank as GW Bush and Paulson. Lie today, lie tomorrow, Keep on lying to the desperate Refugees.
    Refugees have no where to go and no one to show them any kind of reality other than the ones they’ve been living as slave_serfs for over 400 hundred years under this lying medieval-theocratic_dictatorial-nazi_Idiot!
    The Dalia lama War Lord Lineage is disgusting and impossible to witness as he destroys the essence of Global dharma Community.
    Both Bush and Dalia have the same sick chuckle.
    He turns my stomach with disgust and makes me want to spew out the sickness that he brings as his gift as a malevolent evil demon on the loose.
    Absolutely without a doubt, disgusting with each breath he takes and I hope he stays in his house and plays with his illegititmate daughter. Another abomination he threw into the world.
    Liar! Liar! Liar!

  4. You aren’t a little slanted on the site are you? The Dalai Lama IS the reincarnation of the ultimate God of Compassion.

    I pity your deluded ignorance.

    Robert Thurman is one of the wisest men I have ever known. Shame on you.

    Debbie, you must not know any wise peole to say this, nor do you know Bobbie!

    this has to be written by someone from China.

    You must be from Stupid Land. I am from Indiana and I can tell you this Debbie. I only wish I had monetary support from China. I’d knck this Deceiver off his throne so fast. He’d never know what hit him between the eyes.
    “Damn his lying and damn him back into whatever hell he crawled out from to lie and deceive.

    Wake up Debbie, before he eats you for a snack”

    No more nice words or politeness for these abomination. I, for one intend to see him served Justice for his betrayl to the dharma and my Country’s Bill Of Rights and Constitution.
    His ‘Goose will be cooked’ in the New Delhi High Courts.
    Wait and see!
    He is going to jail and disgrace.
    Maybe then the idiots he lies to daily, will wake up.
    He is the twin to the Bush, a liar and usurper in every way.
    Bush has killed us all and the Dalia will push the knife in just for fun. Thurman’s days are numbered in every way. That’s why he’s runnig away to his masters lair in Dharamsala.

  5. Robert Thurman,
    I challenge you to defend your lies and if you do not replyto me personally.Then you are all the things I say of you and you are a Liar and Traitor to the Principles of Democracy and the dharma.

    We are not all perfect beings and neither are we journalist.
    Some of us realize that Tenzin Gyatso Norbu is a deceitful self cherishing incarnate of a Feudal War Lord. Who slaughtered his own people to seize and maintain control of the different approaches to the Teachngs Of Lord Buddha. Some of us realize that he is the antithesis of a man who trampels daily by his ignorance or attempts to undermine the underpinning of the Bill Of Rights and Civil Liberties of the People. The Dharma flourishes because it has a home that respects and protects the rights of all to believe as they choose.
    This schism only magnified his abbhorrence of individual thought to reason and find the way to the truth that Lord Buddha taught to us.
    He prefers to lie and deceive and use the mouthpiece of Bob Thurman to validate his claims, that he actually speaks from the truth.
    They have no weapons to use against the WSS or any of us who are fighting to protect the rights of all People everywhere to believe as they choose.
    Because, he as lied and violated the very principles, I mentioned already.
    Justice they say is Blind. But not blind to the breaking of our laws that keep us from the darkness of lawlessness.

    Nothing that has been said, that can be disproved or proved within cetain disciplines.
    However, if enough people see the truth and think about it long enough. Then the truth will prevail.
    We do nothing to deserve this abuse and he says nothing that justifies his lies and abuse to those suffering due to his activities to maintain some power base.
    He is not a Buddha and lies with the ease of a Mississippi River Boat Gambler.

    Not all of us are scholars or well versed, but we have the common sense that Lord Buddha attributed to we mere mortals, to reason ourselves out of ignorance and find liberation one day.

    The only loss of credibility is his and Bob’s incessant lying and deception they spew from their mouths each and everyday.

    Only by the tenacious and continuous fortitude of each and every voice resonating with protest that he speak the truth will we all find what we seek in the least from all of us.

    Lord Buddha by all accounts, fought against the status of deceit and lying of other intent to have their self cherishing lifestyles maintained by the suppression of others by perverting the truths and creating all manners of maras to keep it that way.
    This is a Democracy and not all voices may speak as you wish, but we speak with sincerity and a desire to eliminate ignorance and lies that hinder all from the seeking the way home safely.

    I hope they challenge any of us publically with a rational and logical defense of their actions and try to defend this insanity on the Global forum for All to Witness.

    If they had a leg to stand on, he would have courageously pursued it already. They have not, nor do they intend to confront you or me or anyone else directly. Instead they have Death Squads slinking down dark alley ways and then have the audacity to point the finger at us.

    He cannot hold his own, unless he is speaking to his ‘Chorus of Supporters’.

    So, relax and let democracy protect us from these Monsters.
    Even Hitler had his day, and was loved by the deluded and brainwashed, and you can see what eventually happened to them.
    As Dr, Bernis, who was in Munich during the bombing by the Allies in WWll, said . Yes, Thom! We are grateful even for this tragedy. Imagine where we Germans and the world would be today, had Hitler had his way?

    This is warfare, not a nuance of semantics and dialectics within the debate halls of a Nunnery or Monastery.
    We, The People, ill-versed and flawed, as we may be. Will fight on and on, until we defeat this monster and his mimmicks, who only care for personal power over others.

    Hey There! Tenzin Gyatos Norbu! It’s me Thom Canada calling you and Bob out to defend your lies.!
    See……….not a word of reply!’

    Why! Because they are cowards and thieves of the dharma and know to fear me and you and anyone else who shines the Light of Truth.

    We all attempt to say this truth with the sincerity of our hearts, and not the lies of a cheating mind portrayed by them

  6. Wow! This certainly isn’t the spirit of compassionate Buddhism that I was hoping to immerse my self in when I started to explore the potential of Buddhism. This buddhist is a liar and that buddhist is a tool – just the kind of religious conflict that plague all the rest of religious piety that had sent me skeddaling to what I thought was refuge. Thanks for the cold water realization. Sad!

  7. Dear J,

    I’m sorry you feel like that, it’s true that this conflict is disillusioning, but please do not abandon faith in Buddhas’s teachings. Buddha said that this is samsara and in samsara, things are faulty. Mistakes are made and even those who are trying to follow Buddha’s teachings don’t always get it right. The best thing is to use the teachings to judge one’s own mind and to try to act in accordance with them. All the best.

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