Keeping Religion and Politics Separate

There is a very interesting article on the Tibettalk website by Jigme Duntak called ‘Keep Religion and Politics Separate’

The article questions the actions of the Tibetan Government in Exile passing a resolution in 1996 to follow the Dalai Lama’s advice to stop the propitiation of Dorje Shugden, arguing that a secular government should not involve itself in religious matters by supporting or opposing any particular religious sect.  As we know, the TGIE is against the practice and practitioners of Dorje Shugden and in this way is acting inappropriately.

The passing of a resolution by a secular government against a religious Deity clearly shows the mixing of politics and religion that is taking place in Tibetan society, born of the confusion as to whether the Dalai Lama is the head of a secular government or a spiritual leader. This is a very ugly and dangerous situation which threatens the purity of Buddhist teachings for future generations of Tibetan Buddhists.


2 thoughts on “Keeping Religion and Politics Separate

  1. Hi Stand4Jesus,

    Yes, there does need to be more wisdom and compassion in this world. And, if you mean that politicians should have more wisdom and compassion (assuming that is what you mean by religion), I doubt anyone would disagree.

    But a “religious politian” and a “religious and political leader” are two very different things.

    Politics and religion do not mix. The Dalai Lama who is mixing the two, is in the position to use religion to advance political aims and politics to advance religious aims. This is neither a compassionate nor wise use of power and authority as it interferes with not only with religious freedom, but freedom in general. Just look at European history with all its wars and bloodshed in the name of religion and politics. As a matter of fact, the founding fathers of America separated religion and politics because they knew by doing so, they would establish a peaceful basis upon which to build a new nation.

    We know that works.

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