Al Jazeera reports the truth of Shugden discrimination

An astonishing new report from Al Jazeera, the Arabic news and current affairs television network, uncovers the discrimination against Dorje Shugden practitioners by the Tibetan Government in Exile, headed by the Dalai Lama.

In a similar fashion to the France 24 Team’s special report ‘The Dalai Lama’s demons’ a report by Nicolas Haque found that Dorje Shugden practitioners were not allowed in shops, that monks had been expelled from their monasteries, and Shugden practitioners were in hiding because of their determination not to abandon the 400 year old spiritual practice that has been passed on to them by their Holy Gurus.  Footage is shown of shocking ‘name and shame’ posters in a local town, encouraging violence against those monks who refuse to give up this Deity.

There is more footage of the Dalai Lama and Samdhong Rinpoche defaming Shugden practitioners with words like ‘terrorists’ and ‘liars’.  The Dalai Lama says that Shugden followers have taken to killing and beating people, starting fires and telling endless lies.  in particular, he praises the monasteries for expelling the Shugden monks.  Finally the Dalai Lama exhorts the monasteries to take hard action against the Shugden monks with the words  “tell them the Dalai Lama is responsible for this”

So much for the tolerance and religious freedom he’s always talking about in the West.  Who can now doubt the Dalai Lama’s hypocrisy?


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