The True History of Dorje Shugden

It’s a fact that the CTA has tried to re-write the history of Dorje Shugden practice through George Dreyfus’ The Shuk-den Affair: Origins of a Controversy. This paper puts the onus of the development and spread of Dorje Shugden on Pabongkha Rinpoche’s personal ideas and subsequent activities in the 20th century. Not only is this false, Dreyfus also imputes a derogatory sectarian agenda as the motivation behind Pabongkha Rinpoche’s alleged promotion of the practice with very little sources or evidence noted.

Therefore, I’m delighted to say that there is a new website by scholar Trinley Kalsang which will gradually show the history of Dorje Shugden practice from the time of Tulku Dragpa Gyaltsen’s murder to the present day, using the available Tibetan sources. This will counter the shameful re-writing of history for political purposes.


4 thoughts on “The True History of Dorje Shugden

  1. fantastic! it’s quite staggering how the CTA has managed to create this smokescreen of unsubstantiated nonsense – and how it has thus far been largely accepted as gospel by the media and academia – as if scholarship means nothing and can be bought with just a whiff of the Dalai Lama’s glamour. it’s shameful. actually.

    so that’s great news that someone is finally going to the sources and creating a valid and verifiable history!

    in the end, the truth WILL out. 🙂

  2. The CIA became entrenched in the Uralic Utalic /Asians Studies department of Indiana University around 1966_67 .
    This was because with the end of the Reconstruction Of Japan after WWll found a suprplus of former military attache to Mac Arthur. Which had produced individuals with multiple Asian language skills and some comprehension of Asian Cultues that formed the nucleus of the Chancellor Herman b. Wells new Asian Department within Indiana University.
    Initially the intent was to send CIA recruits with skllls from IU to Mongolia as the Port Of Entry to further the US interest in Asia.
    Thupten Norbu and Colin Turnbull were assigned to familarize the agents with the cultural traditions of Tibetans and Mongolians. They Were assigned their mission as they held there front jobs at the Museum Of Natural History in New York and then Norbu was transferred to Indiana. It was these sources that the history of Tibet were altered for unknown reasons. However as the CIA moved into the 70’s they took up residence on the top floor of a female dormitory known as the Poplars.
    Norbu could be seen over the years tracking from the Campus to the top floor of the CIA’s Poplars Headquarters as student came and went mysteriously from the Uralic center of Goodbody Halls. Where Norbu had entrenched himself in annoniminty until the DL captured his Nobel Peace Prize. Of couse the CIA had by this time moved on to greener pastures leaving the history to the same fate they left the Afghan War Lords after the Soviets left Afghanistan.
    I knew of at least 35 faulty members of IU that were or are CIA agents.
    All lived in the shawdows of darker days.

  3. Thanks for posting this. I hope you don’t mind, but I followed your lead and put up a post on my blog about it. The Dalai Lama doesn’t stand a chance in his battle against the Wisdom Buddha Dorje Shugden!

    Dear wisdomfire,

    You’re welcome! What Trinley Kalsang’s research shows is that either Dreyfus was sloppy in his research or willfully deceptive in excluding these earlier works from the Sakya and Gelugpa traditions. It’s definitely deceptive to portray the popularity of Shugden practice to be due solely to its promotion by Je Pabongkhapa. The truth will be known – and I don’t think the Dalai Lama does stand a chance in his efforts to destroy the pure spiritual practice of Dorje Shugden; the deception of the CTA will become clear in time.

    – Lineageholder

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