Dalai Lama and Religious Harmony – A New Hypocrisy

On 3rd April, the Dalai Lama made a statement that was reported in many Indian newspapers that it was ‘his life long commitment to promote religious harmony’.

How does that fit with his life long commitment to destroy the practice of Dorje Shugden, one of the heart practices of his Guru Trijang Rinpoche and to continually persecute its followers?   The Dalai Lama said during a talk in Caux in Switzerland in 1996:

“Everyone who is affiliated with the Tibetan society of the Ganden Phodrang government, should relinquish ties with Dhogyal. This is necessary since it poses danger to the religious and temporal situation of Tibet. As for foreigners, it makes no difference to us if they walk with their feet up and their head down. We have taught Dharma to them, not they to us…

‘Until now you have a very good job on this issue. Hereafter also, continue this policy in a clever way. We should do it in such a way to ensure that in future generations not even the name of Dhogyal is remembered.”

This speech was not so widely reported!

Today, 5th April 2010 is the fourteenth anniversary of the Dalai Lama’s ban on the practice of Dorje Shugden.  For fourteen years the Dalai Lama has been waging war against the students of his root Guru and doing his best to destroy the Gelugpa tradition for political purposes.  During that time:

  • Holy images of Dorje Shugden that have been consecrated by the highest Gelugpa Teachers have been broken up and destroyed, practitioners have been attacked and ostracised.
  • ‘Wanted’ style posters encouraging harm towards Shugden practitioners have been posted in Dharmasala and other Tibetan settlements.  Deep wounds and divisions have been inflicted on both the Tibetan and Buddhist international communities with a lot of anger and false accusations being made of Shugden practice harming the Dalai Lama’s health and harming the cause of Tibetan independence.
  • Shugden practitioners have been illegally denied food, travel and education such that the issue has even gone to the High Court in Delhi in a case against the Dalai Lama and the Central Tibetan Administration.  Shugden practising monks have been expelled from their monasteries and denied support from their local communities, causing a deep schism in the Buddhist Sangha.  To prevent this suffering, Shugden practitioners have been forced to demonstrate against the Dalai Lama, asking for him to give religious freedom.  Appeals have been made for dialogue, but to no avail.
  • Families have been torn apart through an enforced signature campaign by which Tibetans have to swear on oath to the Buddhist Protectoress Palden Lhamo that they will not share material or spiritual resources with Shugden practitioners.

All of this has been done in the name of the Dalai Lama and to fulfil the wishes of the ‘Buddha of Compassion’ to destroy this holy practice of Dorje Shugden that has been endorsed and promoted by countless high Sakya and Gelugpa Teachers over the centuries. These actions, for which the Dalai Lama is solely responsible, have caused a lot of suffering and religious disharmony; therefore his recent platitudes regarding religious harmony should be understood in this context.


5 thoughts on “Dalai Lama and Religious Harmony – A New Hypocrisy

  1. Dear Dharma Brother,

    I’m a disciple of Venerable Gueshe Kelsang Gyatso, and all this experiencies with the Dorje shugden Practice and the Dalai Lama make me lament profoundly that this is happening between Dharma practitioners. But and the same time, this is a teaching on Faith, compassion and over all profound respect to all Buddhist Lineages and the teachers that represent them.

    I feel that the best way to honour Buddha Teachings and the ones that I have received from my Spiritual Guide is being an example of harmony and love with all people, including the Dalai Lama and his followers. They are also my friends. This is the Power of Dorje Shugden and I think it is his nature as a Dharma Protector.

    Shantideva says in Guide to de Bodhisattva’s Way of Life in Chapter 6. Relying upon Patience.

    (64) Even if someone were to insult or destroy the Dharma,
    The holy images, or the stupas,
    It would still not be appropiate to get angry with them,
    For how could the Three Jewels ever be harmed?

    (65) We should also prevent anger arising towards anyone
    Who might harm Spiritual Guide, our friends, our relatives
    By seeing that such harm also occurs in dependence upon conditions
    In the way that was just explained.

    (67) If one person causes harm out of ignorance
    And another gets angry with him, also out of ignorance,
    Which person is at fault
    And which one is not?

    (68) Out of ignorance, previously I committed actions
    That now result in others causing me harm.
    Thus, all the harm I receive is related to my own actions,
    So why get angry with others?

    (69) Seeing this to be the case,
    I should practice what is meritorious,
    Impelled by the wish that all living beings
    Will develop love for one another.

    I think that it is important to remember the wisdom of Shantideva’s words and from the deeps of our hearts ❤

    In all the temples and Dharma centers,
    May recitation and meditation flourish forever.
    May the Sangha always be in harmony,
    And may their wish to benefit others be fufilled.

    May Sangha who wish to practise purely
    Find the right conditions to do so
    And, abandoning all distractions,
    Meditate with mental suppleness.

    May the ordained be materially provided for
    And always be free from harm.
    May no one who has taken ordination
    Ever allow their moral discipline to degenerate.

    May all those who have broken their moral discipline
    Completely purify their downfalls.
    May they attain a fortunate rebirth
    And never allow their morality to decline again.

    May those who are learned in Dharma be respected
    And receive material support.
    May their minds be pure and peaceful,
    And may their good qualities be proclaimed in all directions.

    ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
    San Cristóbal de las Casas, México

  2. Dear Adriana,

    Thank you for your comments. I’m not angry with the Dalai Lama, just pointing out his hypocrisy in order to protect the lineage teachings of the Gedan tradition. I’m simply stating facts: everything I said in this article is true. The Dalai Lama cannot claim to support religious harmony as his life long work when he is deliberately harming Dorje Shugden practitioners. As the book ‘A Great Deception’ by the Western Shugden Society says, “there is person more powerfully deceptive in the world today (than the Dalai Lama)”. This is borne out by the Dalai Lama’s words – he says one thing, but is doing the opposite and he knows it. It’s all a show with him to enhance his power and reputation.

    Love is wanting someone to be happy. If you see that someone is harming themselves and others through their actions, it is a duty of love to say something about it, especially when the consequences are so great. I do believe we are loving the Dalai Lama by telling him he is wrong and trying to get him to desist from his extremely negative action of causing a schism in the Sangha. As I said in the article, the Dalai Lama’s stated aim is to destroy the practice of Dorje Shugden. Do we just allow him to destroy Je Tsongkhapa’s tradition for petty political reasons? I think not! If we do nothing, there will be no pure Buddhadharma for future generations of practitioners.



  3. I understand your view , I’m very happy you are not angry I hope all the people who read this blog can maintain your pure intention and be like you a Lineage Holder, I am not a lineage holder, only a sincere disciple, but I don’t agree with you in the form of expressing our love towards Dorje Shugden.

    Dorje Shugden doesn’t need us to protect him, He is a enlightened being, we need Dorje Shugden to protect us. We need to be good examples for all the people, and keep away from harmful actions with strong faith and good examples of skillful means, wisdom, love and compassion. No one can steal the people’s faith in Buddhadharma or in Dorje Shugden. It’s impossible!

    I don’t think that choleric actions towards degenerate members of the Sangha inspire faith in the Buddhadharma, specially in this times of so much religious conflict and hate. We need more faith in the Three Jewels and Dorje Shugden and stop confrontation… Dorje Shugden lives in his disciples pure hearts not in the fears that his Dharma will degenerate…

    I respect Dorje Shugden, as I respect a Buddha, as I respect my Spiritual Guide, as I respect Three Jewels, as I respect all sentient beings. What difference there is between the Dalai Lama and his followers and the people with do wrongful actions in the world? 🙂 Everyone has the same ultimate nature.

    With pure view, the Dalai Lama we help us… Dorje Shugden blessings in the form of his disciples actions will inspire pure Dharma practitioners to have a pure view, pure intentions and pure actions.

    With love,

  4. All Tibetan people know to which sides you Western Shugden Practitioners (I am not sure if you are practicing anything related to religion at all as you guys must be too busy to execute conspiracy and report back to your shadowy boss, the commies) are standing for. Don’t try to look yourself like an innocent region practitioner, world people know where is your fund coming. (Forgot how greatly your H.H. Gang-gyan Lama was received by United Front Department of Central Committee of the Party, CCP a few years back?).

  5. Dear tibetan,

    Shugden practitioners are on the side of Dharma and no Shugden practitioner in the NKT is funded by the Chinese, a common misconception spread in the Tibetan community.

    Western Shugden practitioners have only one wish – For the Dalai Lama to reverse his irrational ban on a pure spiritual practice of Dorje Shugden and, through banishing politics from Tibetan Buddhism, re-establishing the peace and harmony between Buddhist practitioners that has been lost due to the Dalai Lama’s political actions.

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