Tell the Dalai Lama what you think – The Shorty Awards

The Shorty awards honour the best producers of short real time content.  There are many categories to vote in, but one is Buddhism.

DalaiLamaTruth on Twitter  is up for a Shorty award!  It’s currently number six in the Buddhism category – that’s pretty good going so far.  What better message could we send to the Dalai Lama and the detractors of Dorje Shugden than to keep it in the top ten?  This is important – there are many front runners who have thousands of followers who will be directing them to vote for their blog, and if they see ‘Dalai Lama Truth’, they might just click and get better informed about the Dalai Lama’s nefarious activities.

In short, it’s a great way to promote our cause and draw attention to the truth about the Dalai Lama, so, if you care, and you’ve got a Twitter account, get on to this link and cast a vote for truth. We can start a (peaceful) revolution:

Thanks for your support.




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